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Parity emerges in prep football

Parity emerges in prep football

The National Football League likes to prop itself up as a “league chalked full of parity.” We're led to believe that every team is created equal and that all 32 teams have a coin-flip's chance in reaching the Super Bowl. Yet, year in and year out, it's …
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Best of Week 3 in Instagram

During each week of the season we will collect and curate the best Instagram photos from our NFL photographers. Here are our picks for Week 3. 1. Detroit Lions at Tennessee Titans 2. St. Louis Rams at Chicago Bears 3. New York Jets at Miami Dolphins 4. Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins 5. Atlanta Falcons at San Diego Chargers Follow @NFL on Instagram. Filed under: SidelinesSee all stories on this topic »

NFL follows corporate America's game plan in referees dispute

The one thing about the National Football League on which almost everyone agrees is that it takes its job of providing first-rate entertainment very seriously. That could be one explanation for the league's effort to supplement the pleasure of watching …
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